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baby chicken (t-shirt, that is)

We have more than a few requests for kid's shirts, and since Maria and I (Tom) now have a baby, it makes even more sense to print some baby-sized clothes! Ben (left) really liked my Chicken shirt when I wore it, so why not make him his own Baby Chicken shirt. Maybe you know a baby that would like it too. These shirts are paler in color than the adult ones, more like a custard yellow. The logo on the rear (the cup, like the adult) is in black ink.We have 3 sizes: 12 month, 2T and 4T. They are all "Hanes Playwear" brand cotton, but the 12 Month is a stretchy light cotton, while the 2T and 4T are a more typical t-shirt make. As I write this, Ben is 8 months and could wear either the 12 month or even the 2T shirt, although it would a bit long. If you have bought kid's clothes, you know how it is; buy big! Here's a picture of all 3 shirts together, so you can see the size difference.

Mr. Ben Otto Owen in his Baby Chicken Shirt

rwanda and sulawesi new crop arrivals

I found a Sulawesi lot with good rustic sweetness and body. Sulawesi Enrekang "Mount Alla" is from a high altitude micro-climate and is much more of a traditional Indonesia semi-washed coffee than other Sulawesi lots of late. And new crop Rwanda Kinunu Bourbon is in, pure old-style Bourbon cultivar with balance, brightness and citrus subtext.