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Subscription Coffee: ESP Workshop #32 + Cameroon Mifi Longberry

Aug. 5, 2014

Espresso Workshop #32 - MLA (Strong City+)

This is a very diverse blend that was made for our espresso workshop but with the intention to be used as a non-espresso coffee as well. It features two Ethiopian coffees with different processing methods (dry + wet process) and a Guatemalan coffee to help harmonize the trio. This here is a City+ roast just on the verge of full City. The intent of this roast level was to achieve the ripe fruit and chocolate flavors up to the surface while preserving the brightness and clarity of citrus acidity as it's backbone.  A beautiful scent of fruits and sweet sugars in the aroma. Lots of citrus fruits and creamy chocolate going on in the brewed cup. The body is thick and juicy with a nice touch of brightness still sparkling in the cup. 


Cameroon Mifi Java Longberry (City)

Here is a coffee that you don't see everyday. This Cameroon has very nice body going on, even at a very gentle roast. At this City roast level it did it's best to hang on to the brightness of the acidity, which is inhearently mild. What a nutty coffee that closely resembles a Guatemala with it's fat body. Lots of buttery hazelnuts accompanied with bittersweet cocoa also surrounds this as it cools. Large and in charge! 


We are also roasting a fresh batch of Liquid Amber Espresso Blend.




-Danny Goot


Green coffee descriptions:

Espresso Workshop #32 - MLA

Cameroon Mifi Java Longberry


Hey look! A...

We have a new Sumatra arrival

August 5, 2014

We're pleased to have a new arrival of Sumatra Lintong Sijamapola. If you remember from last year, this lot shows a "cleaner" side of Lintong coffee, still with rustic elements of green herb and sorghum syrup, but without musty, "off" notes you might find in wet-hulled Indos. This is a great example of how delicious and unique Sumatra coffee can be.

And then there was Cameroon

August 4, 2014

It's been tough getting samples to try at all, and when we have, they haven't quite been up to a cup quality we were happy with. Not the case with Cameroon Mifi Java Longberry, which harnesses raw sugar sweetness, subtle fruits, and chocolate roast tones. This is a great Africa option for those not interested in ultra-bright offers from Ethiopia or Kenya.

Sliding Into August With Four New Coffees

August 1, 2014

Brazil Dry Process Fazenda IP Yellow Bourbon is another nice natural from Carmo de Minas region, bodied, sweet, cocoa and dried fruit - makes great brewed cup and espresso.

Guatemala Antigua - Finca Pavon is a stunner dual-use coffee, raw sugar sweetness, and moderate highlights make for a super clean and balanced cup.

Guatemala Huehuetenango El Turbante shows apple sweetness and nut...a nice Huehue coffee.

Workshop Blend #32 - MLA This dual use blend is versatile in every way, made up of washed Guatemala and Ethiopia, as well as 1 part dry-process Ethiopia, deeply sweet, fruited, and bodied from light to dark roast levels. As espresso or a brewed coffee, this one is sure to keep em' talking!

RoAsteD Coffee! Ethiopa Aleta Wondo - Haraicho Station & Panama Boquete Finca San Sebatstian


Two CITY roasts that demonstrate great origin character! If you are not an ongoing subscriber you can order one or both of these coffees while we have them in stock. (click the coffee names below to go directly to the roasted offer)


Panama Boquete Finca San Sebastian has a very sweet sugary scent in the dry grounds and caramel sweet tones onces it's been extracted. There is nice body right up front and as the cup cools the crispness snaps like a green apple.  


Ethiopia Aleta Wondo - Harichio Station is incredibly clean with an amazing aroma both ground and brewed. Lots of citrus fruits and tea like flavors with a beautiful sweet finish! 


Green coffee offer- Panama Boquete Finca San Sebastian

Green coffee offer- Ethiopia Aleta Wondo - Harichio Station

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- Danny Goot :)