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New Additions to Our Central and African Lists

This week we continue to fill out both our Central America and Africa lists with two great new coffees from El Salvador and Kenya. El Salvador Finca Siberia Bourbon is a nice, basic cup, with fruit pastry, nut tones, and a variety of chocolate correlating to roast level. Kenya Nyeri AB Kagumo-ini is a juicy cup, with a variety of red fruits, lemon, and citrus zest in the finish. We've been flying through Kenya and El Salvador coffees, so we're very pleased to have these nice, new additions. Both work great as SO espresso.

Three Fantastic New Arrivals

Guatemala Antigua Finca La Folie is very clean with mandarin and pink grapefruit acidity, substantial body and balanced sweetness.

Nicaragua Finca Maria - Miguel Angel Martinez with honey and brown sugar sweetness, apricot, malic brightness and toasted cocoa finish.

Kenya Nyeri AB Ngunguru is prolifically fruited with tropical fruits, butter caramel, creamy body and an effervescent finish.

Four great new additions today

Costa Rica Finca La Ortiga has vibrant acidity, milk chocolate and red honey.

El Salvador Wet-Hulled Sumalvador is true to its processing method with fresh cedar hints alongside baker's chocolate.

Brazil Fazenda do Sertao Catuai has nice clarity in light roasts, big body, and nut roast tones at darker levels.

Java Sunda Ambet Kasih with butterscotch sweetness, oaked wine and blackberry notes.

Four Exciting New Additions

-Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Rosma is a luminescent cup at City+ with sweet floral aromatics and apple cider notes.

-Kenya Karagoto Peaberry has Italian plum notes, red currant jam and honey in a lively and acidic cup.

-Kenya Nyeri Ngunguru Peaberry has an intense and sustained brightness with a syrupy body.

-Panama Esmeralda Gesha is floral with super sweet stone fruit notes and jasmine accents in the "afternose".

Cupping California

On August 9th, Sweet Maria's was one of a number of sponsors of Cupping California, an event organized by Sprudge.com in the cafe/outdoor sculture garden of  San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art. Although it was aimed at the local coffee community, the event was open to anyone that had a ticket to the museum that day so it was a mix of the usual coffee folks and other random people.   We helped set up before the event and contributed two roasts that were sampled next to some of California's best roasted coffees. 42 coffees, 17 roasters, 175 people...that's a lot of coffee and people in the same room.

It seemed a bit crazy at times, more like performance art than coffee really.  What's it like to swap spit with 175 people? A bit weird. 

It was lovely though -  the setting was exquisite, perched next to a beautiful cityscape, with great artwork just steps away to escape to.  I did not taste the coffees myself: there was a big line and it felt weird to follow in so many assorted people and share the same cups. One of our staff overhead the best comment though in the elevator on the way down: "I didn't want to wait 20 minutes for a cup of coffee."