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Roastmaster's Choice Sweet Maria's Small Batch, Craft-Roasted Coffees-of-the-WeekProbat Coffee Roaster Each week we offer a very limited choice of freshly roasted coffee, roasted by the fellow who cups every coffee sample we receive, writes every coffee review on our web site: Tom. Every so often Tom goes to places like Panama or Nicaragua or San Diego, and can't roast, so Derek from the office fills in... This very simple menu of 3 unique coffees are all roasted the day before we ship the order. To guarantee freshness, we hold orders with roasted coffee to ship on the roast date. All coffees are chosen from our carefully-screened list of green coffees; all have been through many rounds of comparative cupping to make it to our offering sheet. Yes, the choices are few. But the price is very fair and the quality of the coffee and roast is exceptional. No, we are not trying to be a big-time roasted coffee seller, and you will never see our offerings expand beyond these limited choices. But if you roast your own, you might want to cup your roasts versus those done on the German gas-fired Probat roaster, and compare the "degree of roast" we have chosen for the specific coffees to your own. If you don't roast at home, well ... here's the next best thing! * Order by 5 pm on Monday (the roasting date) to have the coffee roasted and shipped Tuesday Here is the link for ordering Roastmaster's Choice

Dry-Processed x 3

We have a new and unusual lot, Mexico Organic Dry-Process Nayart Rustico. This is a full natural coffee (i.e. sun-dried whole coffee cherry), resulting in a cup more reminicent of dry-process Sidamo, Harar, or Brazil, rather than any other Mexican coffee. Speaking of naturals, we have another lot of new crop from South America, Brazil Pedra Grande -Bourbon Cultivar. Honey, milk chocolate and almond would best sum up the Pedra Grande. Ethiopia Dry-Process Sidamo WP Decaf is a superb coffee that just happens to be a decaf too... great aromatics here. tree-dried coffee cherry in cerrado, brazil tree-dried coffee cherry in cerrado, brazil

new coffees; a little bit of this, a little of that

We have some interesting arrivals, including a really stellar Sumatra Lintong Special Preparation, one of the best Lintongs in a few years. We also have the splended small-farm Hawaii Kona Kowali Farm Fancy and Extra Fancy. It's been our favorite and has that great floral aromatic note that sets it apart. We also received Costa Rica Tarrazu - La Minita back in stock (from the same lot as before), as well as a new lot of India Monsooned Malabar AA. We have 2 other arrivals coming in a few days: a unique, fully dry-processed Mexican coffee (something we have never had before), nd a new all Bourbon cultivar Brazil from the Sul de Minas area.

Shipping and packing party at sweet maria's

So we survived the holidays, and the S.M. crew did a pretty amazing job turning around orders. Last year we fell behind by 24 hours or so getting orders out, but this year we had days we were sending off orders placed that very morning. We always do the best we can, but now we face the backlog of orders than came in during vacation. So please be patient. We are shipping 'em out in the order they came in, and will be back to our normal 24 hour turn-around by next week. -Tom  (P.S. - I have a new Sumatra and the end of our Costa Rica La Minita allotment coming early next week)

Completely Unfair Last Minute Additions

We have some interesting new lots, and I realize it's a rather unfair to add them today since we must close at noon to finish up all our outbound shipping. Well, it leaves something to look forward to later! The shopping cart is activated again on December 26th, and we start shipping again on January 2nd. Anyway .... The first is from unspecified farms in Antioquia district, a pooled lot we call Colombia Antioquia "13353" Supremo that just happensto have great cup character. There are 2 late-arriving Kenya lots,our last until new crop. Kenya AA Giakanja Coop Coffee Mill is an oddball Kenya with a twist of Indonesia rustic fruit in the darker roasts. Kenya Muranga -Kianderi Peaberry is very floral, lemony, alto-range flavor profile, especially with a City to City+ roast treatment. And we have a new lot of Aged Sumatra Grade One Lintong that is complex, and surprisingly sweet for an aged coffee. We also have a really nice lot of Sumatra Lintong Nihuta KVW Decaf that truly cups like a good non-decaf Sumatra.