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Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley is here, and it rocks.

Yes it rocks ... not an official cupping term, but what the hey. Yes, the much-anticipated Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley DP has arrived, and it was worth the wait; excellent fruited notes with berry accents in the light roasts. We have also just received the special lot of Australia Mountain Top Estate XF, which we get in vacuum packed bags to prevent humidity issues in it's long journey from down under. Great as SO espresso too!.

Costa Rica Cup of Excellence Lot, and Great Sidamo DP

Our new lot of Costa Rica Cup of Excellence "SLGLA" is from the first-ever COE competition in that country, and a very refined cup. It's actually the product of three micro-farms (Santa Lucia, Génesis, Los Anonos), but I couldn't figure out a short name so we're stuck with SLGLA! And an excellent lot of Sidamo Dry-Process, Ethiopia Organic Sidamo DP -Special Selection is here from Trabocca (Holland-based) exports. This was the best Sidamo from last year, and I think this is better than the Harars of this year too! Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley comes in about a week too.

India Coffee Bonanza!

Sort of. Basically, we found these new, unique India lots and they call showed up on our doorstep at one time! First off is one of the oddest, most-confounding coffees I have ever tasted! It's a rare coffee, certainly a unique experience, but you had better read the review before you take a risk on this one! It's called India Anohki Coffee, and it is a totally different species from arabica; coffea liberica. The flavors range from blueberry to barnyard: You've been warned! Next to the Anohki, the India Baba Budan - Mandelkhan Estate seems like a wall-flower of a coffee, but it's a classic India from a very high altitude estate. More rustic and wild is the India Mallali Estate "Tree-Dried Natural." Just as it says, this is not processed on a patio or mechanical dryer ... it is allowed to fully dry on the tree, and the cup has intense heavy body, fruit and chocolate. And we have a specially-selected robusta that is actually quite sweet, outstanding for your espresso blends: India Robusta - Sethuraman Estate Nirali.

orange bourbon and it tastes like... orange

obvious but true, the new El Salvador Orange Bourbon Cultivar that I posted today has orange sweetness in the cup, as well as a ton of body. It's not a firecracker of a coffee, but solid, compact, balanced. Here's the picture I took on my first encounter with this variation on the classic Bourbon varietal, back in early 2006:

2 fancy new gesha lots + chiapas, colombia, yemen

A wide range of arrivals, from big-ticket Gesha-cultivar lots to humble, mild Chiapas lot, an outstanding Colombia from a new region and a superior Yemeni lot: