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5 big ones

Again, many coffees are arriving at once, and I am trying to get packed for my flight to the Roaster's Guild Retreat tomorrow at 6:30 am. Oh well. Here they are, each one a gem in their own right. Please read the full reviews and check out the Coffee Flavor Analysis charts for each of these!

east africa & west africa

We have two new African arrivals. Another great East African lot from the Main Crop auctions; Kenya Kirinyaga - Thimu Peaberry has a deep-toned character (for a Kenya) with berry-like fruited notes and winey hints. And for the first time we have a West African coffee! Cameroon Caplami Java is an unusual longberry cultivar, with a cup that has Indonesia-like body, and interesting spice and fruit notes. It's difficult to underscore how odd it is to have a good arabica coffee from West Africa. The French colonies there are known strictly as low-grown, low-grade robusta producers, mainly supplying the French market with bitter dark roasted coffee for Cafe au Lait and such. (Now why would anyone assume the French had a noble coffee tradition?)


It's Panama-rama time! We received three prize-winning lots: From the 2007 Best of Panama Competition we have the #2 lot, Panama Auction Lot - Mama Cata Gesha, my favorite lot with a balanced cup and plenty of floral character from the Gesha cultivar. We tried to buy the Panama Bambito Estate coffee for several years, a unique farm that was #2 in last years competition. We had to pay a premium, but we finally got this lot, from an amazing "old growth" farm. Once again we have Panama Esmeralda Especial - Gesha Cultivar and it is in fantastic form this year! And the spoiler of Panama-rama, Brazil Organic Fazenda Jacaranda, with balanced fruit and nut, and a great sinle origin, single farm espresso!

new bodum drip brewers, cups, yama burner

bodum glass mugsYama Butane Burner for Vacuum Brewed Coffee bodum konabodum kona We have some new items that arrived lately. Bodum came out with 2 new drip brewers with great visual appeal, the Bistro and the Kona. (Which is not the same as the Cona Vacuum Brewer!) They also have new double-wall borosilicate Glass Mugs - very nice... and we finally received the Yama Butane Burners, a welcome addition for those using the new Yama Tabletop Vacuum Brewer or the Cona models.

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