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if coffee cleaners can be exciting ...

We have some innovative new coffee cleaning products, espresso machine brushes from Pallo, and machine cleaner from JoeGlo. That doesn't sound exciting, eh? Well, remember that all your precious, fresh home roasted coffee doesn't even have a chance at good cup quality if your coffee brewer or espresso machine is all sooted up! We also have a FAQ page for these items.

mexico chiapas '07


colombia cup of excellence, 2 fantastic kenya coffees

We have a Cup of Excellence arrival and 2 new Kenya lots! The Colombia Cup of Excellence - El Caucho is a complex and intense cup, with dark fruited notes, and a unique sweet tobacco finish. Kenya AA Nyeri - Karatina is a bright floral and citrus blossom coffee, a cup that brings the term "pristine" to mind. Kenya Thika - Gethumbwini Peaberry is a powerhouse, with intense brightness, but also deeply fruited berry notes with a winey aspect to them.