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Four new mid-week additions

Costa Rica La Candelilla Ave Del Paraiso has effervescent acidity, marmalade, cane sugar, and cocoa powder finish.

Costa Rica Tarrazu Dota Providencia with fruit juice flavors, bolstering body, and toasted pistachio nut roast tones, like Turkish Delight candy.

El Salvador Majahual - Tablon Tempisque is well balanced, with cocoa and almond roast tones paired with mild red apple acidity.

Guatemala Chichimes Francisco Mendez Micro-Lot is like apple juice with silky body, demerara sugar and chocolate syrup finish, this is the first of many lots we will be adding from our new Proyecto Xinabajul. We are very excited about this new way of sourcing outstanding, unique lots from higher elevations in Guatemala.

Two New Additions

Brazil Yellow Bourbon - Fazenda Kaquend is loaded with sweet grain notes, malted barley, silky mouthfeel, full body, and raw honey; our best and most complex Brazil lot of the year so far.


Ethiopia Busa Bechane is a late-harvest lot that is bursting with mango, peach, and apricot fruit notes, syrupy sweetness, mandarin citrus, praline almond roast tones, and tartaric brightness as the cup cools.

Maker Faire Recap

Thank you to those that dropped by our coffee roasting demo at The Bay Area Maker Faire this past weekend. We had a ton of fun sharing our enjoyment of roasting coffee and meeting some of our customers in person. In the short amount of time we had on stage, we were able to show the crowd how you can roast coffee in something as simple as a hot air popcorn popper and explain the basics of green coffee.


We always bring free green coffee samples to our demos. We thought we had brought enough but the friendly mob wiped us out in about a minute after we were done talking.


The Maker Faire, in general is always a really fun experience and we are already looking forward to next year's event. If you weren't able to attend, and are interested in getting started roasting coffee, click here to learn about roasting with an electric popper.

Look Out, 4 More Coffees

Guatemala Antigua Retana Yellow Bourbon with equal parts caramel and chocolate, black tea tannic note, and fresh peach.

Colombia Huila Fredy Diaz has a fruited profile of apple and pear, with fine cocoa and toasted nut.

Sumatra Mandheling-Aceh Triple-Pick has layered chocolate roast taste, moderate brightness, and juicy body.

Finally, the return of Sweet Maria's Liquid Amber Espresso Blend a potent, pungent blend ideal for milk drinks.

Four Sweet New Additions...

Guatemala Antigua Cafe Pulcal is supremely balanced with mandarin effervescence, silky body and elegant acidity, our first stunner from Central America this year.

Peru Organic Lot #86 has ripe red fruits, intense sweetness, and creamy hot chocolate finish.

Ethiopia Dry-Process Yirga Cheffe Konga is loaded with bing cherry, dried apricot, mango, and chocolate at darker roasts.

Bolivia Sultana Coffee Cherry Tea is the best coffee cherry tea we've ever sourced, tons of hibiscus, tamarind, rose, and super sweet, the amount of time allowed for steeping greatly alters the flavors.