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hawaii comes to you

Mid-harvest Hawaii Kona - Purple Mountain Farm has arrived, my choice for a darker roast treatment to produce an excellent bittersweet cup character with hints of macademia nut, vanilla, and aromatic wood. The body is very silky and (relatively speaking) the acidity is quite low. The preparation of the green coffee is very nice too (a complaint I had about this coffee 2 years ago). It screens as 18/19, and Estate Grade coffee that is basically a Fancy/Extra-Fancy Mix. Hmmm... this blog needs more pictures so here's something from a Kona cupping trip:
Giant, healthy 15 foot Typica trees in Kona
Giant, healthy 15 foot tall Typica trees in Kona

the eclectic mix of new arrivals

We have an unsual assortment of new coffees. The Winner: a super small lot of Peru Concurso Huallaga - 1st Place, the coffee that won the event I judged in Nov 2006 (it took a bit to get here). The African: We have a new lot of Rwanda Butare Bourbon, from one of the top-rated "washing stations" (i.e. coffee mills), Bufcafe. The Sneaky Decaf: There is not way that, in a blind evaluation cupping of this lot of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe WP Decaf, I would ever suspect it was a decaf; citrus blossoms, orange honey, jasmine. The Stinker: I am excited, yes, actually excited about our new Thumbs Down: Sulawesi Goo Goo Muck lot. It really really sucks!

guess what? more coffee arrivals ...

We have a very, very early new crop Central: Panama Lot 12686. It's a coffee with no pedigree, but a fine, bright, lively cup. A sweet (brown sugar), remarkabley complex and elegant Sumatra arrived in the form of Grade One, Triple Pick Sumatra Mandheling "Blue Batak." And 2 lots of new crop decaf came: a high-toned Peru Organic WP Decaf from the Cepicafe cooperative in the northern region, and a Mexico Organic Oaxaca WP Decaf with a very delicate, attractive flavor profile.

colombia cup of excellence lots are in

Our Colombia Cup of Excellence lots have arrived! Colombia Cup of Excellence #3 - El Placer is a bright and delicate cup, while Colombia Cup of Excellence #12 - El Descanso has more heft, a rounded flavor profile with a winey hint. We had this lot vacuum packaged and boxed in 5 kgs, then we rebagged them upon arrival here. The reason, instead of shipping them in regular burlap, is that Colombia is experiencing port problems, which can result in a lot being "stuck" for a couple weeks in a humid climate: not good for the cup quality! Anyway, the lot arrived in beautiful condition. This was not the case with our Honduras CoE lots this year, which are unusable, and still sitting on the rack at the warehouse awaiting some resolution.

not just another "new arrival"

ben otto owen it's a boy! oh wait, we already new that. maria had our first, ben otto owen, on saturday jan 25 at 5:25 am. he was 7 lbs 10 ounces and almost 22 inches long. the birth was relatively easy: now comes the hard part. we came home monday mid-day and are overwhelmed and tired, but of course happy. amazingly, we have found he likes just a tad of robusta blended into his milk (better foam) and takes formula off a cupping spoon! (uh, not) - tom and maria