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This Week's Roasted Coffee

April 15, 2015

This week I roasted both coffees for our subscription program to a City+ roast level, albeit different ends of that rather small spectrum. Two vastly different coffees from neighboring countries and similarly roasted. Our Tanzania is bordering on Full City roast level while the coffee from Rwanda is just beyond City, entering City+ territory upon exiting the roaster.
The Kanji Lalji from Tanzania is a well rounded coffee with extraordinary sweetness that shows very well at this more developed City+ roast level. There are fruited notes that remind me of Maraschino cherries. The body is like black tea and the roast tone fits in nicely to bring out just a touch more viscosity and tie back into the thick sweetness. This Tanzania is one of my favorite subscription coffees so far.

The Rwanda Coffee Villages is a more complex cup. Flavors reminiscent of clove and cinnamon spice, as well as an apple like acidity make this a brighter cup. It finishes with a moderate amount of body that comes across as cocoa powder and dark honey. I had roasted this coffee before and I felt we were able to find a better balance this time around.

When roasting a new coffee, it takes us a couple batches to dial in the profile, and then we hope to repeat those desired results. It's not so much about replicating every single temperature and time mark. But rather when we find the agreed upon approach for a given coffee, we strive to be...

Four New Coffees

April 10, 2015

El Salvador Finca Matalapa Mirador - has great body and complex chocolate flavors with moderate acidity. An exceptional espresso option

El Salvador Matalapa Puerta Zapa - with unrefined sugar and roasted nut, and a cocoa bittersweetness as it finishes. A prime espresso candidate too.

Tanzania Mbozi - Kanji Lalji Farm - has a mixture of honeydew melon, burned sugar, fresh papaya, marachino cherry, and a citrus bite.  Sweetness and body, and contemplative top notes add a touch of complexity.

Tanzania Pulp Natural Igamba Mpitu PB - hefty sweetness and body, pulp natural process bolstering the latter of the two. Grain, barley bread, brown beer, and even hops - a unique Tanzania profile. The finish is chocolatey with fruit/pectin sugar flavors.

The Amazing Spider Graphs

April 7, 2015

As new coffees roll in, we have been scoring them with our new spider graphs. We hope they are (and have been) a great tool to help you decide what coffees to buy from our site. We suggest that you also pay attention to the written comments as well since numbers aren't always the best way to judge a coffee's taste. If you are really into the dark chocolate notes and heavy body of coffees from Nicaragua and Sumatra, you will probably be disappointed with even the highest scoring Gesha coffees that have a very light body and floral notes.


We just added five new coffees.

April 3, 2015
Brazil Pulp Natural Irmao Pereira - has a buttery caramel/sugar flavor and is a good example of how clean a well-processed, pulp natural Brazil can taste
Colombia Familia Gutierrez Gesha - has a weighty mouthfeel, like apple juice, and refreshing acidity that adds to the tactile impression. It's truly a refreshing cup.
Colombia Aguas Claras -Honey and graham flavors are matched by crisp, malic acidity, and black tea notes come out in the finish.


Mexico FTO Chiapas Jaltenango - has a dried fig note, along with simple chocolate flavor. This is one of the best Mexico coffees we've tasted in a while.

Ethiopia Aricha-Kocha SWP Decaf - has a multitude of fruit notes - raspberry, apricot, tangerine - a nice mix, like cooked, or canned fruit sweetness.

We're excited about the five new arrivals that made it on our list today

March 27, 2015

Colombia Inza - Finca Villa Rica - densely sweet, apple, pineapple, a complete coffee

Hawaii Kona Kowali Farm Typica - white grape, cane sugar, a clean cup

Sulawesi Dante Borong - earthy sweetness, plum, and papaya

Brazil Carmo de Minas SWP Decaf - developed sweetness, roasted nut, mild fruits

Rwanda Karenge-Rulindo SWP Decaf - bourbon sweetness, baking spices, weighty profile