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More Cold Brew

We started down our cold brew path a few weeks ago when the weather was super hot here in Oakland (92°F is considered unbearable in these parts). The weather is cooling down for now but we are still playing around with cold brew recipes. One of our staff was generous enough to bring in her Yama drip tower so we have been trying not to spend too much time staring at it as it brews one drip at a time from a reservoir 2 feet above the tabletop. We also set up the DIY Aeropress/plastic bottle dripper to compare something expensive to something affordable. Click here to read more about the Aeropress dripper that we was inspired from Prima Coffee's blog.

Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for a fancy drip tower. Consistency. Rigging your own DIY cold brewer can lead to issues that get in the way of dialing in your brew. For one, the tiny hole in the lid of a bottle can strangely vary in size each time you brew. We think just the cold water alone can shrink the hole and slow things down to a standstill. Sometimes the clog is caused by a fray of plastic from the pinhole, a rogue coffee grind or a piece of dust. Trying to open it up a bit with a pin or steak knife just adds to the mid-brew frustration. In all fairness, the bottle method works most of the time, it's just frustrating to continually check on it.  The brass spigot and all-glass funnel system of a real cold drip system add a lot of certainty when you walk away from the brewer for a few hours.



Three new lots today

Guatemala Acatenango Finca El Carmen with a clean cane sugar sweetness, raisin, apple and Asian pear.

Colombia Huila Bruselas is a different lot than the one we had listed recently and is juicy with great mouthfeel, rich chocolate notes, dried apple, and powdery cocoa finish.

China Organic ManZhangTian is a first for Sweet Maria's, a basic cup that has definite sweetness, green herbs, toasted sesame, and medium body. We thought it would be interesting for you to taste a coffee from this part of the world.

New crop Kenya and Ethiopia DP

 Kenya Kirinyaga Kiangoi Peaberry is complex, sweet and fruited with plum, golden raisin, fig and citrus zest.

Ethiopia Grade 1 Dry-Process Aramo has an undeniable floral note, apricot, tangerine, lychee, fresh mango and strawberry candy sweetness.

Brazil Fazenda Monte Verde with clear sweetness, tea-like body, raw almond, and stone fruit notes.

Burundi Kirimiro Teka SWP Decaf is our own lot of Teka that we had Swiss Water decaf and the results are outstanding: bracing acidity, dark concord grape, caramel and apple butter sweetness.

Guatemala Finca Candelaria SWP Decaf is another of our own decaf lots and has clear, refined sweetness like simple syrup, crisp apple, and five spice hints.

Three New Arrivals

Guatemala Antigua Finca Retana with browning sugars, malic acidity, and cocoa all the way through.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Valentin Perez is another lot from our Proyecto Xinabajul and has toasted almond, praline candy, orange rind, Asian pear and golden apple.

Rwanda Kanzu SWP Decaf has fruit tea qualities, brown sugar sweetness, and chocolate syrup taste.

Four new lots to celebrate the Fourth of July

Honduras Finca El Pimiento Microlot is a refined cup with brown sugar sweetness, almond milk quality, and milk chocolate tones.

Brazil Carmo de Minas Dry-Process Peaberry has a surprisingly light body for a natural, gen ma cha tea quality, and bittering baker's chocolate notes.

Yemen Mokha Ismaili has loads of dried fruit such as tamarind, strawberry, apricot and banana along with spice hints and cacao.

Brazil Mogiana WP Decaf has demerara sugar, toasted sesame, and milk chocolate in a surprisingly sweet cup.