The Coffee Trade

I Found the Future in Brazil (and now I feel like crying): The bleeding edge of coffee techniques in Brazil and the future of Specialty coffee here and everywhere.
New(ish) Methods in Brazil Coffee Production: Details on processing innovations. Some of the sorta new and very, very new ways to pick and process coffee that I found in Brazil.
Direct Trade Coffee Adventure (Video): What it really takes to go to origin and tap the source.
Attention all Coffee Buyers! : Remember, origin is a long way from home, and some may not believe you were actually there.
Tiny Joy: Feb 2011: More Coffee Market Craziness; Life without Centrals?
Tiny Joy: Dec 2010 - Jan 2011: Mr. Natural No More
Buying Bags of Coffee: I had made a page that concerns Buying Bags of Coffee, essentially some insights about dealing with brokers.
Coffee Production Yearly Timetable: A very general and rough guide to the Coffee Crop Cycle and should be regarded as an estimate, not a definite.
East Bay Coffee Warehouse: Here's what a real East Bay coffee warehouse looks like.
Sampling of Coffee Bag Images: Coffee is still transported as it was 200 years ago, in 60 to 70 Kg Burlap Coffee Bags. Here's a sampling of ours.
Papua New Guinea: You Confound Me.: I have been to a lot of places that grow coffee. Nothing could prepare me for Papua New Guinea...
Cup of Excellence Roundup 2009: Of course, we think the Cup of Excellence program is fantastic on quite a few levels.
Tribute to Paul Stauder Jr.: Paul Stauder was a coffee exporter that handled some of our best Guatemala coffees. Paul Stauder was murdered while bringing the payroll...
Rwanda Butare-Bufcafe Washing Station Improvements : Improvements to the washing station (i.e. the wet-processing coffee mill) that our Rwanda Butare Bourbon comes from.
Technical Notes: Yemen Coffees by Yemen Specialty Coffees Ltd.: Yemen Specialty Coffees are all guaranteed 100% authentic Yemen, without possibility of adulteration by similar but lesser coffees from Africa.
The Roasters of Intelligentsia : Intelligentsia is the place where you find everything Gothot, the German manufacturer was subsumed to Probat years ago.
The state of African Coffee By Timothy J. Castle: Timothy J. Castle looks at the various coffee origins of East Africa and finds an entire continent under siege.
Utz Kapeh "Fair Trade Lite": Utz Kapeh is not the same as Fair Trade, but does aim to repair the problem with the low prices in the broader coffee market.
Womens Coop Duhingekawa Rushashi: Abakundakawa is a 1700 member cooperative that mills its coffee at the Rushashi washing station.
Comparisons of Wine and Coffee by Carl Staub: Adoption of an Appellation System Presenter: Ron Wiegand
Evaluating Green Coffee Samples by Michael Sivetz, from his SCAA presentation: Taste Evaluation of Green Coffee Bean Samples Prior to Purchase & Use Presenter: Michael Sivetz,
I went to the SCAA in Seattle and all I got was this lousy pen …: I came in just after noon, checked in to the Crowne Plaza (the extra "e" means it's fancy, too fancy for me at least).
Organic and Fair Trade Coffee in Ethiopia (as of 2004) by Sarah Sherlock: This article provides and interesting background for developments in Ethiopia, including the relatively new organic and fair trade coops.
Our coffee shipment on the way from the Isle of St. Helena.: Well, a sample of the latest shipment from St. Helena has come in, and the the news is not good.
From the Volcano, the Rarest Brew: Kona Coffee (NY Times article): As you drive south along the west coast of the Big Island, you can't help smelling the coffee roasting.
In Panama, Sipping Coffee at It's Source (NY Times article): This article is interesting to us because we buy many of our Panamanican coffees from the Casa Ruiz mill in Boquete.
Review of "Uncommon Grounds" by Mark Pendergrast: The World Before Starbucks : Review of "Uncommon Grounds"s
Brazil Coffee Auction. A list of the 2002 winners.: It's the middle of the Christmas rush, but its also time for the Brazil Auction.
Brazil "Cup of Excellence" Auction - Fazenda Boa Vista: Fazenda Boa Vista was the lot we wanted from the outset of the 2002 Brazil C.O.E. Auction.
The Effect of Bad Weather on Coffee: The Brazil Situation:
Tiny Joy: May/June 2011: Farms as Brand Names
Tiny Joy: September/October 2011: A Bump on the Butt of Specialty Coffee
Coffee Research – What is next?:
History of Coffee Chart: