Peru has always possessed amazing potential to produce great quality coffee, yet excellent Peruvian coffees are rare. To some degree, the success of Peru coffee has been it's downfall. Organic certified Peru coffees are ubiquitous, always as close as your local Trader Joe's, but the coffee is often poorly picked, processed and roasted, if it is even freshly roasted at all.

No coffees are currently available from this origin. The review is our most recent offering, provided for reference.
Peru FTO Puno - Julio Huanco Castro Microlot
Working through the ripe coffee cherry in Puno
Appearance.0 d/300gr, 15+ screen
ProcessingWet Process (Washed)
RegionPuno, Peru
Varietal(s)Bourbon, Caturra
RoastCity to Full City works best for brewed coffee; Full City+ creates resinous notes of aromatic wood and a sweetness that will work well as espresso
This micro-lot coffee was produced by Julio Huanco Castro, and is from the Sandia Valley area of Puno, Peru. Julio is a member of the Inambari Cooperative - the same coop that Flavio Ccori Sonccoi is part of. Inambari is part of a coop union that has eight total cooperatives under it's umbrella, and in our experience, of all the coop members Inambari produces some of the best lots. The altitude may have something to do with this, as it often exceeds 2000 meters with Julio's farm breaching the 1750 meter mark. He grows primarily Bourbon on the farm with some Caturra mixed in. At 3 bags total, this is a tiny lot and represents all the specialty grade coffee he produced this year. Wet milling occurs using fairly 'traditional' techniques for this region, with hand-crank depulping devices, single tank fermentation and washing, and then often drying the coffee on covered beds (the weather can be unpredictable in the region). Inambari, working in coordination with the other seven cooperatives, have been able to set up their own dry milling facility and the ability to export their own coffees through the union. Being that this lot is so small, we are only offering in 1 LB bags. The aromatics are so sweet in this lot from Julio Juanco Castro, with a smell of unrefined sugars replete with a note of molasses. Dried fruits like raisin and plum are also sensed, along with a touch of cinnamon. The wet grounds have an ultra sweet scent of brûlée sugar, so saturated and sweet, and with a fruited aspect that's like date paste. Needless to say, this coffee exudes a sweetness of raw sugars and fruits throughout the entire cupping experience. The cup has a fruit juice sweetness to it, which also defines the mouthfeel. Flavors of apple and white grape vie for the spotlight and are laced into central characteristics of dark sugar and caramel sauce. The acidity is tartaric, like green grapes, and well-defined without being 'sharp' in any way. City+ roasts sparkle and with a continuance of fruit and sugar compliments throughout the cooling cup. At Full City (nearing '+'), the sugary sweet element remains central underneath near resinous notes of pine and cedar. Dark roasts are so deeply sweet and I imagine will make great SO espresso shots. Brewed coffee is great between City - Full City roast levels with my preference right around City+ capturing complex fruits and fully actualized sugar development.