Dominican Republic

Good news, Sammy Sosa ...the Dominican produces more than mild cigars. It has a tradition of coffee production that dates back several centuries now. One would expect Dominican coffees hold true to the soft, mild profile of Island coffees in general. If you like clean tasting wet-processed coffees from Central America or Island coffees from the Caribbean or Hawaii, Dominican coffee hold promise.

And yet there are often problems with picking, processing and prompt exportation of lots. The coffee is either damaged at the farm, at the mill, or in transport. We are hoping to uncover a great source for Dominican coffee that has a clean cup character, and have been cupping samples that are quite brilliant lately, showing the potential is far greater than other Caribbean coffees.

No coffees are currently available from this origin. The review is our most recent offering, provided for reference.
Dominican Republic -Montana Verde Estate
Appearance0 d/300gr, 16/18scr
RoastFull City - Vienna -French . I like the caramel-apple flavors I get from the lighter roast of this coffee, but there is a sourness in the acidity that some might not like. It turns to a very nice sharp pungency in the darker roasts though, which makes this a popular choice for those with Vienna / French Roast tendencies.
Overall the coffee is mild and soft. It is clear it is an island coffee and not from a super high altitude. That said, there is a lot going on in this cup ...even without a huge aftertaste I get a lot of different flavors here. The main flavor is linked to the acidity: grapes and apples , not fully fermented or fresh --somewhere in between. That may bug some people; I like it. Typical Central Am. acidity is judged for clarity, like ringing a bell: here the bell is rung but with your other hand on it the sound is muted. (Sounds corny, but this analogy really describes the taste in this coffee for me). Theres also hints of vanilla and spice (allspice) that lurk behind the fruit. Haitian coffee is the original new world coffee, I imagine this Dominican is what the folks woke up to in the Americas circa 1700!