Sulawesi coffees can be the jewels of Indonesia. The reason is that some coffees from South Sulawesi are grown at altitudes unheard of on other Indonesian islands. The plants are older Typica cultivars or closely related types, Jember or S-Linea. Although the system of trading the wet coffee before final drying can damage the cup, we have been able to work with suppliers who have mastered the elaborate coffee-collector system in the Toraja highlands. The result is a brighter, more complex and cleaner cup flavor. Traditionally, Sulawesi coffees have been processed using the wet-hull method, in the same way as other Indonesian coffees. This process determines much of the cup flavors - the low-acidity, full body, and rustic or earthy notes. We have been sourcing Sulawesi coffees processed a bit differently, where the coffee is dried to a lower moisture as you might find in Central America, and then hulled for export.

No coffees are currently available from this origin. The review is our most recent offering, provided for reference.
XL Indonesia Sampler
Going big - XL BIG!
ProcessingVarious Process
RoastCity+ to Full City+. Each coffee will have specific roast recommendations on the label.
This is a special 20 lbs sampler that consists of 4 different coffees. We have so many amazing lots from Indonesia right now that we thought it would be fun to offer some variety and value to our home roasters. Normally when you buy a 20 lb bag of coffee from us it has to be all one single origin or blend. Well, now you can try the XL Indonesia Sampler and we'll select 4 of our top lots from Sumatra and Sulawesi. So no cloth bag or anything fancy, just 4 of our regular 5 lbs bags of 4 different coffees. Due to the special pricing for this sampler we cannot honor special requests nor accept returns. Thanks. Here is a partial list of coffee's included in the XL Indonesia Sampler. All coffees included are ones that we currently sell on our website so more information can be obtained on the coffees you receive. Do keep in mind that we handle selection, and lots will come and go, but trust that we'll pick 4 great coffees! Sumatra Aceh MandhelingSumatra Lake Toba - Samosir IslandSulawesi AA Toarco Tana TorajaSumatra Onan Ganjang CultivarSumatra Toba Batak Peaberry This sampler allows you to taste the pronounced and subtle differences among Indonesia lots. Sumatra coffees are the most rustic of all of these and have an earthy, spicy, low acid profile due to the traditional Giling Basah "wet-hulled" processing method. Our Sulawesi lots are much cleaner due to a "dry-hulled" processing method that is more along the lines of washed coffees - they aren't quite fully washed, but somewhere in between. So if you think all Indonesia coffees are the same, this XL Indonesia Sampler is here to prove otherwise. You'll get 4 lots processed 2 different ways from 2 different countries. Enjoy exploring the difference in this complex and diverse coffee growing region.