Nicaraguan coffees have a wide range of flavor attributes. Some cup like Mexican coffees from Oaxaca, others have a more pronounced acidity. Some are mildly citrusy and bright, such as the coffees of Dipilto in Nueva Segovia department. The botanical cultivars utilized are traditional: Typica, some Bourbon and Maragogype dominate, along with Caturra and Pacas. There is some of the less desirable Catimor varietal, but many farms removed it after the "catimor craze" 10-20 years ago passed.

When in season, we offer some new "exotic" cultivars too: a Pacamara, a "Java" cultivar and the large bean Maragogype. Pulp Natural process is also a variation that gives the cup great body and a slightly rustic fruited layer. It seems that many of the growers in Nicaragua, sensing that the value of their Caturra coffees reaches a certain ceiling and rises no further, are trying many combinations of coffee variety and processing to command higher prices. We value the approachable sweetness and restraint of wet-processed old-style varietals like Bourbon and Typica, and their offspring like Caturra. We feel that an occasional foray into the exotic is fine, but people want to drink these classic coffees more often than unbalanced, one-off, odd coffees. So we like to see growers focus the core of their efforts toward these sweet and elegant coffees, not the flash-in-the-pan varietals or processing experiments.

If you are a fan of a heavy Full City or Vienna roast (in either case, you are letting the 2nd crack start and you stop the roast before it gains its momentum), then you really need to try a Jinotega or Matagalpa Nicaraguan at that roast level. They have enough body to stand up to dark roasts and the great balance and pungent bittersweetness is unparalleled! Roasted to Vienna stage, these coffees can make excellent and unique single-origin espresso.

No coffees are currently available from this origin. The review is our most recent offering, provided for reference.
Nicaragua Dipilto - Finca El Recuerdo
Healthy coffee shrubs below the lush canopy at Finca El Recuerdo
Appearance.0 d/300gr, 15-18 Screen
ProcessingWet Process (Washed)
RegionDipilto, Nueva Segovia
Varietal(s)Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
RoastCity+ to Full City+ is ideal.
Finca El Recuerdo is located in Dipilto Nueva Segovia province, bordering Honduras. We've bought many lots from the Nueva Segovia region, and have come to characterize lots from the area as having a brightness, and citric quality that is often lacking in other parts of the country. Finca El Recuerdo definitely fits this bill. The region is mountainous and offers an optimal coffee growing climate. The farm is family run and about 38 hectares in size, with 24 dedicated to coffee. Being in one of the rainiest areas in Dipilto, El Recuerdo is very lush, and with a nice natural canopy of shade trees throughout. The altitude is a range from about 1350 - 1500 meters above sea level and is mainly planted in Caturra, Yellow Catuai, and Bourbon. The coffee is fermented in tanks overnight and then washed before patio drying - nice and simple, kind of like the cup profile. This lot from Finca El Recuerdo has solid sweetness, and with a creamy nut flavor often characteristic of this region. The dry fragrance has elements of brown sugar and cinnamon that play off a base note of hazelnut. There's also a hint of clove spice, and Full City roasts tend to develop a molasses sugar smell. Milk chocolate and hazelnut (think 'Nutella') are apparent in the wet grounds, with praline nut and baked pumpkin bread. El Recuerdo's cup profile has a nice flavor of toasted almond at City+ and Full City, along with a sweet Sucanat note. The acidity is surprisingly vibrant, and in the realm of green apple or golden raisin. The finish is clean and refreshing, and with a slight flavor of baker's chocolate in the long aftertaste. We call coffees like this "approachable" - not overly complex or bursting with over the top flavors. But rock solid and with overall clean, balanced cup characteristics.