We get some interesting emails about Chinese Yunan Arabica coffee. I have cupped various types of commercial grade Yunan coffees. You can order this coffee in whatever style you want : Central American wet-processed style , Brazilian semi washed or dry-processed style, Sumatran semi wet hull style. It is unique. The fact is, until recently I have not found much of any flavor in these commercial coffees. It is suited toward the mass "industrial coffee market" meaning the R & G (roasted and ground) coffee market and insitutional roasting. I know that every new origin piques the interest, but that doesn't always make it good. Recently I received a sample of Yunan coffee that was markedly better, a real specialty-level coffee. It was from the ManLao River Plantation, that ranges from 3500-4500 feet with the coffee coming from smallholder farms as well as a large estate. The cup was clean, bright and had good sweetness, and was well processed. It was not a fresh new crop sample so it scored 84, but it could be an 85-86 point in the future. Yunan can produce good coffee, and somethimes it's simply a matter of what you are exposed to that colors those perceptions about specific coffee origins.

No coffees are currently available from this origin. The review is our most recent offering, provided for reference.