Honduras coffee quality spans a huge range, from a lower-cost Central American blender coffee, to high-grown lots that rival good Guatemala coffees in acidity and flavor. The areas of Marcala, Copan and Santa Barbara, Ocotopeque and others can produce high quality coffees. And Honduras is one of the few countries with a capacity to grow their production, where as nations like Costa Rica and Panama are experiencing land pressure from other demands, and producing less and less coffee each harvest. Honduran coffees can range from bright, acidic flavor profiles, lightly fruited and with strong cane sugar sweetness, to more caramel-like, lower acidity coffees that are nice in espresso.

No coffees are currently available from this origin. The review is our most recent offering, provided for reference.
Honduras Dolores Merendon
Coffee trees growing in the protected forests of Dolores Merendon
Appearance.2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
ProcessingWet Process (Washed)
RegionOcotopeque, Dolores Merendon, Honduras
Varietal(s)Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica
RoastThis is a versatile coffee that will show well from City+ to Full City+.
The municipality of Dolores Merendon is part of the greater Department of Ocotepeque. It's a relatively small area divided into two villages, and has less than 100 coffee producers. In 2009 a portion of these producers came together and formed "Dolores Cafetalera Associative Merendon", a cooperative of sorts focused on enhancing the production of specialty grade coffee in order to build out their ability to completely process their own coffee. So far they've built a wet mill onsite with the profits they've made and are currently working on constructing a drying operation. This particular coffee is a blend of micro-lots from 6 producers in the area. The villages are located within the Biological Reserve Guisayote and these farms average around 1650 masl. There's an aroma of malted, unrefined sugars in the dry fragrance that is like sucanat. Dark roasts have notes of almond and aromatic cedar and retain a molasses sweetness. Pouring hot water brings on a very sweet smell of caramel, marzipan and dark cherry. Full City roasts also have an aroma of browning butter and the break is nutty in both light and dark roasts, with raw walnut and hazelnut. Dolores Merendon cups with good up-front sweetness, even when hot, and against a backdrop of raw almond. Light and dark roasts have lots of well developed sugars and fruited notes of fresh pear, apple, and apricot begin to show up as the temperature cools a bit. Dark roasts also have a pine flavor that verges on green herbs such as tarragon. The body of Dolores Merendon has depth, the mouthfeel is silky, and there are no surprises in the finish - just a sweetness that lingers on through to the long aftertaste. This is an all-around solid brewed coffee.